Kalani Organica Coffees & Teas
We know that a commitment to social and environmental ethics can work hand in hand
with a commitment to providing high quality, freshly roasted coffee.

Integrity from the farm to the cup. At Kalani , we hand roast, import and distribute only organically certified coffees and teas. Organic growers have made a commitment not to use synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. In addition, they practice sustainable agriculture and natural soil-building. The impact of this is far-reaching. It means cleaner watersheds, the creation of habitat for birds and animals, safer conditions for field workers, equitable pay for their labor and a chemical-free product for your enjoyment.

All of Kalani's coffee beans are Coffea arabica, the premier species of the coffee plant, thriving in the mist and cooler temperatures found in the tropics at altitudes above 1000 meters. Coffee has been traditionally grown as a shade crop, and it is in the shade the plant grows best. Organic coffees are typically shade grown, providing a more complete ecosystem which encourages natural cycles  of predation and fertilization.

Shade Grown Coffee is coffee planted under a canopy of sun filtering shade trees, which usually is a multi-storied mix of native hardwoods, fruit trees, and leguminous trees. This complex ecosysten provides an economic buffer to the farmer and a boost to the environment by the addition of a natural soil amendment, conserving water and top soil with a mulch cover. This ecosystem is home to half the plant and animal species on the planet. Hummingbirds, swallows, orioles and are a few of the migratory birds that find a safe haven in coffee trees in the tropics. The Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center has documented sightings of up to 150 different bird species in a shaded coffee farm compared to an unshaded coffee farm of 5 to 20. Conventional coffee plantations are a toxic environment where plants, berries, and insects eaten by birds may be saturated with posions. Due to the lack of tropical rainforests, shade grown plantation practices have become increasingly important in providing a secondary home for migratory birds. The declining populations of migratory birds in the U.S. and in your back garden in the spring is a direct correlation of the lack of shade grown coffee farms and deforestation.
All of Kalani coffees are Certified Organic with the ammendment of Shade Grown as a requirement in the Certification.

Coffees listed
Certified Organic
Shade Grown / " bird friendly "
Equitable Pay for Growers

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Aloha Blend
This morning blend has a clean, light finish preceded by a delicate nutty and fruity aroma. A distinctive cup one can drink every day-12oz
$10.75 per / order

Berber Blend
*****out of stock****** Our unique blend of African and Central American coffees creates the ancient Berber style coffee: deep, rich body, aromatic flavors with a clean finish.
$10.75 per lb / order lb

Espresso Blend
Full presence and great balance in the cup characterize this premium blend. Central American coffees provide a base of sparkling acidity complimented by full bodied aromatic indonesian.
$10.95 per lb / order lb

French Roast
Our roast is the darkest, most intense Kalani roast. This blend produces a cup rich and smooth, with medium body and pungent aroma.
$10.95 per lb / order lb

Italian Roast
Our classic Italian roast. This full flavored blend combines a light, sparkling acidity with a sweet, nutty finish.
$10.95 per lb / order lb

Kalani Blend
Kalani 's finest high-grown Central American beans contribute dimension and brightness; the addition of our sweet, smoky French Roast creates a rich and complex cup.
$10.95 per lb / order lb

Kona Blend
New Crop! This blend balances the rich flavors of Kona,Hawaii with the soft acidity and interesting textures of Guatemala to finish with a taste that is aromatic, full bodied and smooth. - 12oz
$15.95 per / order

Mesoamerica Blend
This blend of Central Americans shows the overall lightness and snappy acidity, typical of coffees from this region. A clean finish, preceded by a delicate nutty and fruity aroma makes for a distinctive cup one can drink every day.
$10.95 per lb / order lb

Oceania Blend
Grown in remote mountainous regions of New Guinea and Mexico, this blend offers a velvety smooth Java-like cup with a hint of a nutty, chocolate finish.
$11.75 per lb / order lb

Roma Blend
This balanced blend of Nicaragua and Honduras coffee creates a smooth finish.
$10.95 per / order

Savannah Blend
An elegant cup of coffee. A spirited combination of our high grown Central Americans with our classic Espresso Blend gives this cup a harmonious, smooth taste with a deep, rich finish.
$10.95 per lb / order lb
We are temporarily out of Brazil.... Known throughout the world as the country for some of the best coffees; finally, a great tasting Organic cup! Full bodied and smooth, this cup can be drunk anytime of day. - 12 oz
$10.75 per / order

One of the most famous countries for coffee. A rich, bodied cup with full flavour and a delightful smooth finish, roasted to a full city roast.- 12oz
$11.75 per / order

Costa Rica
Waiting for new crop... This high grown Central American bean displays clear, balanced acidity combined with a delicate, fruity aroma. It possesses a lively, medium body.
$11.75 per lb / order lb

The first Certified Organic coffee from Africa and one of the oldest & finest coffees in the world. The classic characteristics: Rich, full bodied, exotic flavors with a lingering finish are offered in this classic cup.
$11.75 per lb / order lb

Indonesian Enyana Sumatra
The classic of Indonesian coffees, our Sumatra presents thick, earthy aromas over full body, complemented by an exquisitely lingering, chocolaty finish.
$12.75 per lb / order lb

New Guinea
We are temporarily out of New Guinea.... Grown in the central highlands of Papua, New Guinea, this coffee presents a balanced, full body with a deep, rich, Java-like flavor. Our New Guinea makes a great treat for guests, but is smooth enough to enjoy everyday.
$11.75 per lb / order lb

Hand picked on the slopes of the Andes Mountains, this varietal is a classic of this South American region. An earthy, mild taste with medium body and a delightful, clean finish. - 12oz
$10.50 per / order

Swiss Water Decaff
The Swiss Water Process removes upwards of 97% of the caffeine from this fine Central American, without the use of chemical solvents. Our Swiss Water Decaff brews up light and sweet in the cup, perfect any time of day.
$12.50 per lb / order lb

We are temporarily out of Uganda.... Grown in the wild mountains of Center Africa; this rich body coffee will linger on your tongue. The sweet taste and aromas of this Ugandan coffee are delightful and impressive. - 12 oz
$10.75 per / order

How We Decaffeinate

Shouldn't the caffeine-free coffee you choose also be chemical-free? kalani decaffeinates using The Swiss Water Process. This is a method of caffeine extraction which uses only pure water to extract the coffee's caffeine. What is left behind is a coffee which is more than 97% caffeine-free, yet possesses the full, rich flavor you expect from us.


For optimum freshness, we recommend that you purchase your coffee every week or two, and grind it just before brewing. We will grind to specification, and this is great if one plans on drinking this coffee in the following week. Keep it tightly closed by rolling down the top of the bag or transfer it to an airtight glass container. For longer periods, the freezer is an option, if one only defrosts once! Whole bean preferred!

We will be happy to set up a regular shipment schedule which ensures that fresh roasted coffee arrives on your doorstep as often as you would like (see order form).